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The Central Ohio Real Estate Forecast

2019 Central Ohio Housing Statistics

Last year's stats at a glance:

  • Average Sale Price: $245,294
  • Average Days to Sell: 38
  • Number of Homes Sold: 32,229
  • Average Increase in Value: 6.26%

Forecasting For Over A Decade

The Central Ohio Real Estate Forecast

Sharing the numbers and our insight into the Columbus real estate market for the past 14 years. Experience makes a difference when you buy or sell a home. Work with The Selling Columbus Team. We have been in central Ohio over 45 years and know the area. Let us help you find the home you want!

Housing Is An Investment

We have made more money buying and selling real estate than any other investment. We would like to help you do the same! Read our article on Real Estate Growth Rate and Making Money From Your Home Sale. Read our 2020 forecast and see examples of how much money you can earn living in your home!

In 2020 we are expecting another higher than average year for increasing home values! Did you know the sellers pay the realtor's commission? Now may be a great time for you to diversify your investments into real estae.

Homes and neighborhood values increase at different rates. Contact Us and put our experience to work for you! We work throughout the central Ohio area assisting both Buyers and Sellers. Experience makes a difference!

Real Estate Forecasts

The Central Ohio Real Estate Forecast is our outlook on what home buyers and home sellers can expect in the coming year in the Columbus and central Ohio area.

  • Real estate information for the current year
  • Information for those buying a home
  • Information for those selling a home
  • Published each January

Take a look at what we believe is coming in the year ahead in the housing market. Take a look back at our track record. Of course we cannot predict the future. We are making educated guesses based on statistics and our local knowledge. Real estate markets are local and we know the market.

Forecast Year
Forecast Year:  
2020  (566kb)
2019 was the third best year for central Ohio home values, since we have been tracking them the past 18 years, with an atypically high increase of 6.26%. Continued population and economic growth in central Ohio will keep demand for housing high. Interest rates will remain low and home prices will go up around 6%.
Forecast Year:  
2019  (1241kb)
2018 was a record year for people moving into central Ohio. This is keeping demand for housing high. Interest rates will again have a small increase. Home prices continue to go up around 6%. See how much money you could be making just living in your home! What Buyers & Sellers need to know.
Forecast Year:  
2018  (1137kb)
The Sellers Market continues and 2018 will another year of record growth. Interest rates have small increase. Home prices go up around 6%. See much money could be make just living in your home? What Buyers & Sellers need to know.
Forecast Year:  
2017  (750kb)
Mortgage rates on the rise will not slow things down. Continued high growth in home value. It will be another Seller's Market.
Forecast Year:  
2016  (939kb)
What is going to happen in 2016? Rates stay around 4.5%. Home prices go up around 5%. How much money could you make just living in your house? What you need to know for Buyers and Sellers.
Forecast Year:  
2015  (750kb)
Home values will have a big gain in 2015. Get tips on buying and selling. Plus, what did it take to earn $2,400 a month last year just living in your home? We look at the statistics and the financial value that brought to homeowners!
Forecast Year:  
2014  (479kb)
Another good year for home values is on its way in central Ohio.
Forecast Year:  
2013  (122kb)
For 2013 we anticipate supply being at a healthy level and demand continuing at a steady pace
Forecast Year:  
2012  (77kb)
1 out of 3 homes sold by a bank, lender mediated homes keep value down, plus five positives for 2012
Forecast Year:  
2011  (86kb)
Home prices remain flat while interest rates edge up.
** Plus ** A look at Columbus and central Ohio statistics over this past decade, 2001 through 2010.
Forecast Year:  
2010  (78kb)
Home prices level out while interest rates edge up
Forecast Year:  
2009  (81kb)
Hitting the bottom: home values, mortgage rates, employment rates
Forecast Year:  
2008  (84kb)
How long will the buyers market continue? What can you do as a seller?
Forecast Year:  
2007  (203kb)
Find out why now is the time to move up to a more expensive home in central Ohio
Forecast Year:  
2006  (206kb)
Read how the Columbus, Ohio area is being affected by supply and demand

Earn Money Just Living in Your Home  Go to top of page

A home is an investment! The Selling Columbus team treats it that way and works to help you make more money from your investment when selecting a home and when selling a home.

Based on statistics from the past 5 years:
The Average Home

  • Increased value $60,158.07
  • Monthly increase of $1,002.63

A $550 a month home*
  • Increased value $24,496.85
  • Monthly increase of $408.28

A $500,000 home
  • Increased value $163,312.36
  • Monthly increase of $2,721.87

For details on this and more download the 2020 Central Ohio Real Estate Forecast

*$75,000 at 3.5% on a 30 year mortgage with Principle, Taxes, and Insurance

The Columbus Real Estate Market on News Radio 610 WTVN  Go to top of page

Greg provides insight and experiences regarding the Columbus and central Ohio real estate market on The Joel Riley Show, News Radio 610 WTVN
Listen to the MP3.
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The Two Year Rule  Go to top of page

It pays to work with an experienced Realtor. If your Realtor let you sell a house after you lived there less than two years, I hope they brought capital gains to your attention. Otherwise, you could be paying tax* on $10,000 or more easily, and it could have been avoided.

If you are making money when you sell your principal residence, do not sell before 2 years if you can avoid it. See our Capital Gains page for details.

*Always consult a tax professional regarding your specific situation.

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